With the help of @songforcharlie, Nate & Tommy made their TikTok debut today @bareknucklerecovery.

In their first two videos, Tommy shared 5 motivating factors that lead him to stop using fentanyl, while Nate shared his 5 tips on how he begin his recovery journey from fentanyl and how he continues to move forward.

In this video, Nate & Tommy expand on these tips.

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Episode 17 – Felonies to Recovery

Bob Springer from 'Felonies to Recovery' joined Nate and Tommy of Bare Knuckle Recovery to tell his very personal story of addiction. Bob's struggle with drug use

About Bare Knuckle Recovery

Tommy and Nate have been bareknuckle brawling with this disease known as addiction. As addicts in recovery, they are sharing their experiences and advice to recovering addicts all over the world. Tommy and Nate are both counselors at Fort Wayne Recovery, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Fort Wayne, IN as well as at Allendale Treatment, a detox center in Fort Wayne. Bare Knuckle Recovery is their online vlog dedicated to free educational content about addiction for individuals and their families who struggle with addiction all over the world.

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