From Nate: I am so proud to have Northeast Indiana front and center in the fight against fentanyl as well as the overall drug and mental health crisis. I may have been the one Fox News America’s Newsroom but I know Fort Wayne, Indiana was with me in spirit.

Never would I have been there if it wasn’t for all the love and support from all of you back home. We are leading the way in awareness and advocacy but also in the steps we take daily as a community. Northeast Indiana is full of individuals and organizations who do their best every single day to impact others in a meaningful way.

Congressman Jim Banks has carried that same spirit to Washington. He is making it a top priority and not letting our government forget about this epidemic. We need a Covid like response immediately!

About Bare Knuckle Recovery

Tommy and Nate have been bareknuckle brawling with this disease known as addiction. As addicts in recovery, they are sharing their experiences and advice to recovering addicts all over the world. Tommy and Nate are both counselors at Fort Wayne Recovery, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Fort Wayne, IN as well as at Allendale Treatment, a detox center in Fort Wayne. Bare Knuckle Recovery is their online vlog dedicated to free educational content about addiction for individuals and their families who struggle with addiction all over the world.

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